Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Drake

We're in the Drake passage, finally left late in the afternoon yesterday after some initial delays (though admittedly these worked in my favour, as some chemicals and my CO2 cylinder didn't arrive until midday yesterday!). Now we've rounded the "Horn" and have just gone through the Straits of Le Maire, so we're in the Drake proper. So far so good, just a light swell. With the winds we've been seeing in Punta Arenas we wouldn't be surprised if we get a roll or two in the next few days, but will take the calm weather while we can.

Tonight we have a science meeting and are talking over all the projects that are going on onboard. First few things we're doing this week is dropping off two groups of geologists on some islands to set up their field camps. Should be fun!

Our packed back deck with all the containers for the field parties - this has to be cleared of containers before we can even start work.

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