Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heading to Palmer Station......

Lat - 64 02.15S
Long - 61 46.22W
Temp - -3.7C

The weather died down enough for us to pull out the Livingston Island field camp early this morning - woo hoo! They were in good spirits too, so that was a good thing. Within 3hrs of us arriving, what was left of their camp was packed up and headed on zodiacs back to the RV Gould. A super fast turn around. So finally we're heading into Palmer Station and should be there in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Tomorrow sees a full day of cargo, moving containers around, offloading supplies to the station and making space on our crowded back deck for us to finally start our work the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow for me sees a day of weighing out and preparing chemicals and setting up the cold van (which has to be turned around for us to use, so we've been unable to get in there during this long transit) for my coral larvae experiments and setting up the aquarium room ready for us to bring up some deep sea mud! Tomorrow should also see me posting some pictures to the blog as we get internet for the 24hrs that we're on station.

Tomorrow evening sees an 80's party at the station.......stay tuned!

Making sure the dry suits really float and really keep you dry.....

...dry on the outside that is. Yup, that is a well deserved beer in my hand. While on the ship we are dry, no alcohol allowed onboard, but the field parties can take alcohol with them. So while we were onshore (or floating offshore) we helped them finish a few supplies they wouldn't be needing anymore.....

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