Sunday, February 22, 2009

Station F

Lat - 67 01.90S
Long - 69 52 06W
Temp - -2.1C

It's a beautiful day here at Station F, the sun is shining, it was a beautiful sunrise, we can see Adelaide Island in the background, and we're just coming up for 24hrs of sampling at this station. As usual we're a little behind, but things are going well, lots of mud going around. I don't get too much from this station generally, but I did manage to bag 5 anemones from the first trawl. I've just peeled myself out of bed again as there is another trawl going in, trawls are my favorite thing, I love seeing what comes up from the bottom and need to nab any corals and anemones fast before they start to degrade, so no matter what time of day, i'm around for the trawls. This one was supposed to be on it's way up, but I see it's just about to go in the water instead, so I have a few hours and I think i'm going to go and indulge in some Nutella toast.

My wrist is doing well, most of the swelling is way down, though it's still irritating. I'm pretty careful with it on deck, but things like trying to pick up my coffee mug with that hand are not going so well. Just the wrong direction to try and lift something.

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