Monday, October 11, 2010

$1 a mile!

I'm much more of a passive fundraiser than active, I just don't have the time these days to actively pursue people and put in the groundwork to raise large sums. So i've set a modest goal this year to raise $1 per training mile between now and the marathon - a total of $285 - for the SADS Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness of Sudden Arrhythmia Death (also known as Sudden Adult Death), and in particular genetic heart conditions that are often the cause of unknown and unexplainable fatalities. I am running in honor of my sister, Sophie Megan, who we lost to SADS seven years ago.

Here is my fundraising site - $1 = 1 mile of my pain - you know you want to lay claim to my pain! I'll put a link up on the sidebar too. If I get to my goal of $285, maybe i'll even try and get a better time than last year......:0)

Regardless of whether you can donate to this great cause (I never have the money to sponsor people so totally understand!), please do take a moment to look over the SADS Foundation website and help spread the word. Since Sophie's death I now know 3 people who have gone through similar experiences with a loved one, so this is amazingly common, yet so few people know about it. Many Arrhythmia syndromes have been identified through research, many warning signs identified, and many are now treatable. With more public awareness and research, many more sudden, unexplainable deaths will be prevented.

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