Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three things Thursday

I noticed this around the Blogosphere, and thought i'd join in. It's a way to express three things that are on your mind, in an all be it random manner. Since I often come out with random thoughts throughout the day, taking part in this really appeals....:0)

1. I wonder if my friend Ali will have had her baby by the time this is posted tomorrow AM (i'm writing this Weds night while icing my leggies from running, as if I did it thursday night, for most of you it would be friday already!). She went into labor today, a week early, so I certainly hope so!

2. I miss my car. Pathetic I know, but I do. It's really a sign this is all happening. Keep telling myself i'm moving to the most beautiful place in the world and that makes me feel better about it. The best thing is that that is true too.

3. I am also sad because it's time to say goodbye to last years marathon shoes. In an effort to preserve my "new" shoes (~30 miles on them) for the marathon so they're still a little squishy, i've been wearing my old shoes (~400 miles on them) in the week and just using the new ones for weekends. Jenny warned me about wearing my old shoes this weekend, and I so should have listened. Today my 8 mile got turned into my 4 mile as my shins are KILLING me. So I ended up walking a lot today to try and make sure I don't damage myself, as there isn't time to heal. So that pretty much means i'm going to put out and buy yet another pair of running shoes (if anyone tells you running is a cheap sport, slap them), as otherwise my "new" shoes won't be in too good a shape by Dec 12th to go the distance. Bye bye first marathon shoes, i'll always think of you fondly!

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Kim said...

Get rid of those shoes! I learned the hard way too. I now have an unused back up pair in my closet for when the aches and pains start!