Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coconuts and classes

A good day all around. No pictures though, I realise i've been remiss about taking photos recently. I'm sure it'll pick up when I head to Woods Hole though, so never fear, the monotonous writing will end soon. 

Today started at 4.45am and heading down to Ala Moana to run the Coconut Chase, another run raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This time 5 miles around the park (double loop) chasing 5 guys dressed as coconuts (read: wearing hula skirts and coconut bras). It was fun, though I was worried when I drove down there - it's literally been just a week since my shin splints cleared up, so I have basically done very little running since the half marathon. But there was quite a diverse crowd so as I got down there I was reassured I wouldn't be the very last person over the finish line. Did better than I thought, though not as good as I wanted when I signed up, but there we go. Finished in under an hour (54 minutes), so just over a ten minute mile. I did want to be faster (and my first 5 miles in the half were faster!), but I'm pretty convinced at this point I am not built for speed! 

And classes - so I am now an official scuba diver - woo hoo! Had the last two dives in the ocean today and it was fun! I'm looking forward to diving with friends when I get back and am thinking of taking the advanced class when I get back too. 


bsa said...

Am just back from a long weekend away an catching up on posts.

You are impressive! Congratulations on the SCUBA certification. I didn't know you were taking the course--and in hawaii--how perfect! And getting a run in as well??!! Wow!

Good luck with all your applications and paperwork!

nicola said...

good for you!
and i am sorry about all your paperwork and not getting stuff off your plate and in. hoping the weekend brought a little bit of up.

DDd said...

When I finally make it out there... we can go diving!

RGW said...

I'm up for any diving dates possible! Yay!