Monday, July 6, 2009


Ug. Can today be over already? I am so tired and so cranky and I have no idea if i'm going to manage to sleep tonight. My insomnia has been really bad for 5 days now and hasn't let up, I really need some decent sleep. I went for a 6 mile run yesterday evening (it went great!) hoping that would do it, but no, I was awake at 3am worried about everything I need to do before I leave on the 25th July (I head to Woods Hole for a week to see Kate graduate - go Kate! And then to Canada for 4 weeks to work in a lab up there). Way too much to do. 

This morning I spent a lot of time getting ready for an afternoon meeting, then the afternoon meeting didn't happen (postponed for tomorrow). I'm so tired and cranky it's probably a good thing too, as the meeting is with what I hope will be a collaborator on a cool project in Alaska. Wouldn't have made a great impression today. So this afternoon I went about making up a blog site for some upcoming fieldwork projects for my lab - take a look and please give me suggestions. It might have been doodling, but at least it was semi-productive in that this is something I need to do sometime. I just did not have the patience for proposals today. 

So tonight, I'm making pasta, sausages and I think i'm going to have a beer. Maybe that will help. 


kmw said...

I checked out your new blog and it looked really good to me! Hope you got some sleep last night. Been having insomnia myself lately and it totally sucks.

RGW said...

I did sleep much better last night, and feel much less cranky this morning - thankyou! I think being in the city where it's noisier is not helping, I love doggies, but will be happy to go back up into the hills and quiet next monday!

nicola said...

the blog looked great. how cool is it that you have your own lab? so very cool, R. just remember that!

we must have traded sleep was interrupted last night and i was a total grouch this morning!