Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scuba scuba doo!

This weeks excitement - scuba lessons! Yes, i'm FINALLY doing it. I've been down to 3000m in the North Atlantic, and yet have never scuba'd at 30m, so as they say, while in Rome.....and what better place to learn to dive than Hawaii?? I also discovered that the university runs courses for PADI Open Water that run at about half the cost of normal dive lessons too, the one catch is they run every night (5.30-9pm) for a week and then all afternoon saturday and sunday, so it's quite a spread out time commitment, and with me leaving next friday, a bit of a squeeze, but one I think will be worth it.

So - every evening in Scuba lessons, one National Geographic proposal to submit by friday, two NSF proposal budgets to finalize and to send into the UH system for signatures by friday, Saturday morning helping organize the Red Cross storehouse, Saturday afternoon diving in the ocean (weeeeee!), Sunday morning a 5 mile race (that I have done NO prep for, so could be painful!) and Sunday afternoon diving in the ocean. 

Like i've said before, all self inflicted madness (except maybe the proposals which are kind of essential to me having a job/life etc.) and the reason i'm still awake and working at 11pm. The good thing is that if I manage to get the NSF proposal budgets in by friday, that actually leaves next week looking much nicer and more relaxed to prep for going away......if........so I hope that happens! 

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nicola said...

you can do it!
"i think i can i think i can i think i can..."