Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cracked it!

Well I hope so anyway. Yesterday evening I had one of my earache migraines, and this time the drugs (one of many I had to try out) actually worked! Third time lucky! So today i managed to get a prescription for enough to (hopefully) last me through my 5 week trip! Woo hoo for 'Imitrex' is all I can say at this point, two years of sucking it up and finally I might actually be able to control it. 

Ready to go? No. 
More fires than water? Yes. 
Looking forward to see all the Hole-ians? Absolutely! 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one, last day before I head out. One proposal was fully submitted (yes!) and the other two are going through the very long process of UH signatures. I'm hoping they'll go all the way through tomorrow, really hoping. Had a few hiccups this morning - one extremely last minute budget change by a partner (argh!) meant me running around trying to swop out bits of paper while people weren't looking and the other proposal has had a setback by a rather pompous advisor of a joint student we have. Ego I think is what's going on, but I think I put out the fire and it hasn't affected the student, and that's the goal. Ph.D. students don't have the time to get pissed around in my mind. 

Other than that today has been pretty good, started to get my "work" side together in a pile to take with me (man that's a big pile!), went for lunch and a pedicure with Jenny and Hannah (who is now most definitely smiling, and even laughs at tickles - so cute!), and had a couple of meetings that just went really well. And tonight was the Camp Counsellor debrief at a karaoke bar in town. No I did not sing, but it was fun. They had some great pictures of the weekend, alas none that can be shared by me as they are private to the children, but lots of me in the ocean (either being splashed or falling off paddleboards!) and playing board games with the kids. Cute. 

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nicola said...

progress, rhian. you can't underestimate feeling crappy while trying to get all that done!
sweet about the pedicure and hannah's giggles. i love finn's age, but miss those early days, too. (what i am mamma journal and blog posts are filled with tears at that point with 2?!)
wishing you safe travels. i have a house of people who has been talking about you! you are missed.