Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paper Water Bottles

Yup, the newest alternative to the disposable plastic water bottle - a bottle made of recycled paper and bamboo fiber and even has a sealable lid. 

Personally I think very cool, and I hope they plan to keep prices low. Though I try hard not to, there are those times when you're traveling or out and need a drink badly, it would be great to have an alternative to plastic bottles or aluminium cans.  


nicola said...

ok, that is too cool!
nicola, who has just been through the cupboards, selectively removing many of the BPA plastic water bottles, replacing with a couple more stainless steel (thanks, costco), and adding BPA-free nalgenes to the list. (why? because even stainless steel has its faults. acid (OJ, for example) eats metal.)

PleaseRecycle said...

Like those!

Ok, water bottle experts, is there anything wrong with just regular (inexpensive) sports bottles? I thought #2 (polypropylene) and #5 (HDPE) plastics didn't have BPA.

Seems like everyone is rushing out to buy the (expensive) BPA-free Nalgene bottles. I feel like I'm missing something...

RGW said...

HDPE and polypropylene bottles are BPA free and totally fine to use! Nalgene do a less expensive HDPE bottle too, as well as their fancy lexan ones.

The reason I have the lexan and not the bike bottles (though I do have a couple of bike bottle) is that the lexan is tougher, so when I throw them off cliffs on camping trips they survive...:0) I also prefer a clear bottle so I can see any sediment/leaves/bugs I've picked up from a stream before I chemically treat water and I find the pop caps on bike bottles don't stay leak free on long trips. Bike bottles when they get hot also seem to lend a taste to the water for me, but i'm futzy with that.....:0)

I'm not a fan of the steel bottles just because they dent and I find taint the water (as well as acid issues, and issues with the quality of some stainless steel bottles). I love my Sigg bottle, but they are expensive and the small mouth doesn't make it that handy for anything other than water. I have a Sigg bottle from my teenage years that made me lean towards buying another, but i'm actually wishing I hadn't and just bought another nalgene instead.....oh well, it is at least a bottle that will last my lifetime!