Friday, February 8, 2008

Where are we going??

So here is a map of the Western Antarctic Peninsula - where I (and Stian) am headed on the 14th Feb - 17th March. I've posted this map small at the top of the blog as i'll be emailing posts from the ship with our coordinates on it so you can see where we are - but it's a little small, so here is the map larger too. Stian is already on his way to Chile, I'll be headed down tomorrow evening - takes 3 days from Hawaii to get to Punta Arenas - ouch!


kmw said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. We will keep track of your journey and look forward to seeing photos whenever you are able to post them. Have fun, be safe, and discover a new species of coral for Lance. Dave

nea said...

ditto. ditto. ditto. :)