Friday, March 20, 2009

Day one......moving onwards.......

Back in Hawaii and going solo. Getting back from cruises always makes me feel like "i'm back and lets get on with life", as all seems to stand still when you're at sea sometimes. Stian and I have parted company, though still friends, and hopefully good ones, it's been obvious for a while that this had to happen. We've had a lot of fun together, but hopefully we'll still sneak in another adventure here and there in the future. I miss him, but i'm fine with it, over it, and it's where it had to go, was fun while it lasted, and i'm not going to dwell on it, way too much of life out there to dwell. Moving onwards.........and because i've been asked a bunch of times, no I haven't heard a peep from Fairbanks, and it's driving me crazy!  

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