Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sushi...

Ahhhhh, a nice, low key sunday. Today I went into work and unpacked some of my cruise boxes, changed out the water in the coral larvae and moved the starfish larvae into a tank. Then came home, had lunch and napped on the couch, unpacked all my travel bags then went for a swim at the pool. Topped off by my first solo sushi session! Alison showed me how to make sushi once in Woods Hole, and while shopping on friday I decided I wanted to try it myself, with great results! It's so easy and so much cheaper than buying, have to do this more often, maybe with wilder ingredients than I did today! And as I have a new camera, I of course documented the entire process.....:0)

Ingredients at the ready! 

The main ingredients - vegetables! And some crab sticks, which I love....:0)

My overstuffed roll......

A cut up roll.........reminds me I need to sharpen my knives! 

And the end result - yum! And left overs for tomorrows lunch too! 

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nicola said...

awesome! it is fun, huh? and easy. the hard part is getting the rice just right.