Monday, September 14, 2009

High or Low Maintenance...

Well, aside from the shoes and the odd pedicure now and then, I fit into the latter category......:0)

Signs you might be High Maintenance:

1. Grooming & Primping are done in a salon: Examples: haircuts & colors, waxing, facials, mani/pedi's, tanning

2. In combination with each other, there are 5 or more colors, pattens, prints, and/or fabrics you refuse to wear: Examples: pink, yellow, brown, polk-a-dot, floral, animal, leather, polyester, fur

3. You will turn down precious metals or stones based on their color alone: Examples: Gold, brass, topaz, turquoise, coral

4. You own more than 10 pairs of shoes

5. You own more than 10 purses

6. You carry more than 3 lip products at one time.

Signs you might be Low Maintenance:

1. Majority of grooming & primping done at home. Examples: box-dye, sunless tanning lotion, super market scrubs, microwavable waxing kits, you do your own nails.

2. You sleep in your yoga pants and have been known to work out in your pajamas.'

3. You don't have a regular dry-cleaner, and you do all your laundry in cold water.

4. You own less than 10 pairs of shoes.

5. You count your insulated lunch box as a purse.  

6. The only lip product you own is balm.


nicola said...

i am sooooo low maintenance. i had to laugh out loud at the "exercise in pajamas." CHECK.

RGW said...

Yup, been there do that on a regular basis....:0) I'm not sure if my shoes count too - they're all sneakers, hiking boots, keens and flip flops.....not a heel to be seen......:0)

Cherry B said...

Oooh interesting! I own 10+ pair of shoes and I get my hair done in a salon... but most are flip flops, and I get my hair done like every 6mos! I fit several of the low maintenance ones, too, so that's somewhat comforting. Thanks for this :)

PleaseRecycle said...

Oh yeah, definitely low maintenance here too!

mum said...

is it ok to be middle maintenance?