Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping Giant - Day 1

Day One and we arrived around midday. After unpacking the cabin and a light lunch we went for a walk around. We went to the visitor center, checked out the beach and the playpark, and then walked around the 1 mile nature walk, right along a river. Beautiful and a great light start to the vacation.

Taylor enjoyed the scenery too I think, all snuggled with mamma.

Back to the BBQ and.........
(photo by Kim)
(photo by Kim)
Peeking around the deck!

Lots and lots of deer, everywhere!

Sitting in front of the propane fireplace, which we didn't need, as it was so hot, but I bet it would be gorgeous on a chilly winters night (these cabins are available in winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails!).

Enjoying beers and cheese in the covered deck. This cabin is so well insulated, I bet you could even use this deck in the winter!
(photo by Kim)
Getting ready for bed. There were three bedrooms, each with a bunkbed. Mamma and Taylor in one, Dadda and Sammy in another and I had the luxury of my own....:0)

The view from the beach outside our cabin - the Sleeping Giant.

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