Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A week in the Life - Wednesday

Somewhat "closer" to a normal day today......!

Morning - woke up at 5am, eye felt much worse so got up and checked, and yes much more swollen than yesterday! Argh. Cup of tea and a hot pack to encourage it to drain, which it is now most certainly doing! Breakfast of homemade yogurt, an english muffin and jam, antibiotics and painkillers, wrote a couple of emails. Got into work at ~8am, had my first cup of coffee. Nice woman in the department came in and gave me the numbers of her dermatologist who she loves (so i have an appt with them next week) and their doctor in case I need another one - it's so nice to get recommendations, I find it so hard to do the doctor search. 9am went up to the Dean's office to sort through my work visa paperwork. Slogged through for half an hour, now waiting on the secretaries to do some more, and have another meeting tomorrow. Getting there. 10am meeting with the undergrad officer to "train" me in how to pay my fabulous undergrad assistant, that took about an hour. Back and another cup of coffee, couple of work phone calls and some manic emails flying around about (yet more) proposals. Stomach is off (from antibiotics) so had a Jamba Juice lunch with a colleague, talked proposals and how to deal with this students other advisor.

Afternoon - Finally caught up with this students other advisor. He's the type of scientist who gives scientists a bad name, and I never want any student who ever comes through my lab to be like that, and that's all i'm going to touch on the subject. Undergrad assistant started at 1pm, showed her how to stain slides and set her off sectioning and staining. She's still fabulous! I can totally just leave her to it and I love that, and she seems to really enjoy it! Came home at 4pm, via the bank to drop off a check (finally reimbursed from Canada) and then home. Pulled off the dressing on my eye and had a good clean - phew - looks so much better now! Totally gross, but it's doing what it needs to do! Lay on the couch with a hot pack on my face and dropped off for half an hour. Went upstairs to pay my rent check, chatted with Alison and Les on the deck and watched the sunset.

Evening - Put some banana bread into the breadmaker, dinner of couscous and chicken and vegetable stir fry. Made some soap (from bases so not the cold-pour), watching the third series of MI5 from Netflix. Pulled the ingredients out of the freezer for a tofu indian curry for tomorrow (one of the Dean's secretaries told me I had to eat spicy food to fight infection, she's so cute!), and i've been looking forward to a korma for a while, maybe i'll see if Laura can come around, pay her back for taking me to the doctor yesterday.

Picture of the day - the beautiful sunset tonight, very orange!

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nicola said...

beautiful! hope you are starting down the mending road, now that its thursday. those staph always take longer to heal than i think and make me feel lousy. hugs.