Monday, September 28, 2009

A Week in the Life - Monday

Blah. That should be the title of this post. I guess after such a fun sunday it was inevitable monday would suck. Basically I got very little sleep last night as my eye was really sore and just not draining. It looks so ready to go. So when I finally gave in at 6 am and got up I decided I would just run into work, get some work to take home and work at home all day.

Morning - This morning I woke up early, went straight for the hot cloth to try and encourage this abscess on its way. Unfortunately when I have the hot cloth on there I pretty much can't do anything else, as a) it hurts and b) my eye ends up being totally covered and I have to hold it on there, so I find it impossible to work on the computer. After my breakfast of tea, berry smoothie and english muffin and toast I took a hot shower (again trying to encourage it to go) and headed into work. Dropped by the lab and looked in on a student (who's first words were "wow, are you okay?" at the sight of my eye). Tried to deal with a major issue with this students other advisor that i'm just so angry about I don't even want to deal with it, maybe for another post (and after emails and playing phone tag all day we still haven't resolved it). Finally got to my office and downloaded a bunch of files onto a drive to take home. Stopped by the post office on the way home and into Safeway and grabbed some fresh juice (orange and pineapple), grapefruits and some cheese (comfort foods) and went home to tylenol, more hot cloths, goats cheese and carrot snack, and actually a nap, that was nice.

Afternoon - uploaded a bunch of files online to a proposal i'm trying to submit, discovered i'm still missing some small vital information from collaborators (argh - this proposal is so futzy), emailed a lot of work stuff (actually caught up with some emails i've been needing to write so that was good) and did some online research for another proposal (too many proposals). More hot cloths, more tylenol, more crappy TV. Lunch of Sunchips, a chocolate bar and a cheese and lettuce sandwich. More hot cloths and my eye is still sore, emailed my friend Jenny to see if she would be around tomorrow to get me to and from the doctor if necessary, she will so that's good as i'm pretty sure I won't be driving after that. I'm so hoping it drains before then, I am so not looking forward to having it done right there, right on my face. Unless my eye does it's thing overnight, i'll call the doctor in the morning and get in in the afternoon (I have meetings all morning) to get it drained. Then a migraine decided to hit (nice timing), so more hot cloths and Imitrex and another half hour nap (that stuff knocks me out). Migraine is still with me which is a pest, but it's gone to a low level which is better. It just got really hot in here too with the afternoon sunshine.

This evening, I have left over tuna pasta bake for dinner, i'm going to try and go out for a short walk just to get some air, more crappy TV i'm sure. What an unproductive day. Ug.

Update - well the evening wasn't a total wipe out (though still not a highly productive day) - I went for a 30 minute walk which made me feel more up, watered my garden and then sat on the couch and edited a 2 page pre-proposal. Then ate my tuna pasta and a banana for dinner. I'm also on my last day of steroids, so am having a (weak) G&T to celebrate while catching up on blogs.

Picture of the Day - the view from the couch.


PleaseRecycle said...

Bummer. When Mollie had a staph infection it was hot compresses alternating with sitz baths. They really pushed using sterile saline to help dry the area out. How about a steam bath for your face?

I hope you don't have to sit through meetings tomorrow with a painful eye! Ugh.

RGW said...

steam facial sounds like a great idea, going to break out the dishbowl now....thanks! The hot shower was nice this morning, will try another before bed. Ethanol wipes with benzocaine have been really drying and soothing.......after the initial sting.

Tomorrow's meeting is all about conflict resolution between a postdoc and a grad student too, so I really don't need a throbbing head!

kmw said...

Wow, I can't believe you can still do that much work with this terrible infliction. You still sound productive to me!! Here's hoping it got much better overnight! hang in there.