Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping Giant - Day 2

A hiking we will go! A full 14 mile day, all the way around the Sleeping Giant. A beautiful day, clear, sunny and just a little breezy to keep it cool on the trail.

Lots and lots of bear tracks and scat, but no, we did not see the elusive bears.

Our first stop on the west side of the Giant (right by the head) at Sawyer Bay, it was gorgeous!

Kim and Sammy, and me and Taylor, enjoying our snack stop at Sawyer Bay. (photo by Carney)

Carney and Sammy enjoying some dadda time, throwing rocks into the water.

Those are the Giant's Knees up there! Still on the west side, facing out to Lake Superior, and about to go over the toes.

The trail was generally good, but there was some ups and downs and trees to climb through, not quite as simple with a kiddo on your back! We pretty much all swopped around packs at one time or another, I had Sammy from Sawyer Bay on and she was awesome at tucking down like a turtle when we passed overhangs and climbed through down trees.

Down from the Toes - now this was STEEP! And slippy in places (Kim took a slide, luckily with just the snack bag on her back and no major damage!). Steep downhills are one thing, with someone elses precious cargo on your back are quite another - I don't think I have ever come downhill so carefully, my quads were burning by the end!

Along the home straight, and the only fussies of the whole 14 mile trail. Carney had run on ahead at this point to move the car from our start point to our finish point (and extra 3 miles for him!), and Kim and I moved the kids along the last 6 miles of nice old logging roads (this is a stretch I have done before on a previous trip too, so I knew it was easy going). Taylor decided she was done with the Ergo, so I carried her like this for ten minutes or so and she enjoyed it, so we swopped Taylor into the backpack where she had more room to play and observe, and Sammy into the Ergo on Kim's back, which is a snugger ride. Sammy wasn't overly happy at this change (Taylor loved the backpack!), but she chilled out and enjoyed the ride after a short while - and soon Dad came back down the trail to take her on his back.

The end of the trail - Perry Bay. Gorgeous.

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