Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleeping Giant - Day 3

Day three and a chilled out day! A morning on canoeing - checking those lifejackets fit!

With my armpit still sore, I wasn't sure if paddling (ie - extending and moving back and forward, whereas hiking with a pack on my shoulders and cinched down, wasn't touching or rubbing anywhere below, so worked well luckily) would work, so I got to sit in the middle and entertain Taylor. It was quite the sweet ride!

The water of Marie Louise Lake (the lake we were camped on too), was flat calm and beautiful. Kim taking a photo of......

Bald Eagle! Beautiful!

The family - thanks so much for doing this cabin trip with me!

Lots of Loons, but only one photo - came out great though!
Two little Hawaiian girls! Luckily the weather was nice enough all week to wear these!

An evening board game and beer after the kiddos were in bed. This is after I had come back from the hospital (from one of the more painful visits) so was feeling a little sore and sorry for myself. But I was met with a delicious dinner (Kim is quite the gourmet to take camping!) and some good company for the rest of the evening.


nicola said...

i love all the photos! it looks amazingly fun! i bet the canoeing was fun!

bsa said...

Oh this looks like another version of heaven! Your photos are terrific and totally enjoyed. I am so glad that you were able to hike comfortably--and I bet they were as well! You look so relaxed with the little ones. Thanks for sharing!

RGW said...

It was such a nice few days, I wish it could have been longer (and I hadn't been "winged"), they are just so fun to hang out with.

Canoeing was awesome! I say that because I didn't have to paddle.....:0)