Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Week in the Life - Tuesday

What an interesting week to do this. Not totally representative I promise - maybe i'll just have to do it again in a few months!

Morning - so i'm going to admit to taking some left over painkillers from my arm last night to help me sleep, and as a result slept right through to 6am and woke feeling refreshed. Got up and put the kettle on and then sunk a little bit, my eye was not looking any better, in fact more swollen. Sigh. Cup of tea in bed while writing emails, caught up with some antarctic buddies and then shower and breakfast of oatmeal (with raisins and cranberries). Went into work at 8am, had a cup of coffee, tried again to raise this faculty from yesterday to talk over this issue (which I am still too mad about to talk about), but did not connect. Wrote a few emails. 10am and my meeting with a student and postdoc to knock their heads together about some samples (not my students, but over a histology issue, so I offered to help them figure it out) . Actually went really well, both willing to share and compromise and we worked out a good plan. Took them to the lab, taught the postdoc to section on the microtome, left them to it at 11.10. Cancelled my other morning meeting as the only time the Dr could fit me in was 11.30. Laura came with me in case I couldn't drive back. He tried numbing it (why does that bit hurt more than anything??) with limited success and so started draining. He was super nice and gentle, but I worry he wasn't harsh enough on it so hasn't drained it enough, but he was worried about scarring. He wants me to see my eye doctor, so i'll try and get there tomorrow, and I guess if it needs more draining my eye doctor will probably do it.

Afternoon - Laura did drive me home (first time she's driven in the US - woo hoo Laura!), more because i was trying to keep pressure on my eye than I couldn't, it was helpful. Picked up more antibiotics (ug). Came home had a cheese sandwich, celery and carrots with goats cheese for lunch. Hot cloth on the eye, some crappy TV and a nice nap. Finished the National Geographic proposal and that got submitted - yay! Wrote some more emails, talked to the student and postdoc to check they did okay after i'd gone and they did great. The afternoon kind of whiled away after that, did a little on some job applications (hoping to finish one this evening), vacuumed, napped, hot clothed, doodled on facebook and blogs, ate some chocolate (thanks Mum!). Opened a parcel from Nicola, that made me smile! Started working on another crochet project. Dinner tonight was the last of the tuna pasta bake (one of my favorite dishes, I don't care how boring it is!) and an ice pop, watching Cake Off on TV (i'm addicted to that show!). Watered the garden, the lettuce is really coming up now, as are the beans. Had a gecko drop on me when I opened the door. It happens a lot, but still scares the shit out of my everytime.

Tonight more hot cloths, hope to finish at least one job application. Sigh, another not too productive day, but tomorrow promises to be a busy one, so I guess chill now, as i'm going to have to face people tomorrow with a face that still looks like i've been in a fight. The student today was cute, she said she hoped I had won.

Hope you've all had a good tuesday!

Picture of the Day - my owwie (post draining, and no i'm not gross enough to actually show it). Shame i'm not teaching this week, the undergrads might have sat still and listened.....

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