Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Week in the Life - Sunday

What a fun and relaxing day for my first "Week in the Life" post!

This morning - I woke up at 7am, but managed to roll over and go back to sleep until 8am, got up and got a cup of tea, small berry smoothy and some Jaffa Cakes (thanks Mum!) and went back to bed. Sat emailing and doodling on the internet (facebook!) until 10am. Nice! Got up, ate some oatmeal with cranberries and raisins, showered, worked a little on a christmas craft project, did the washing up, cleaned the kitchen (including the microwave - man that needed it!), packed up all my camping gear finally (from Canada!), did a bit more on the craft project and sat down to watch TV while having a cheese sandwich and two large glasses of Nuun electrolytes (still trying to rehydrate after a 12 mile run yesterday). Emailed some more, looked around for fun things to do on the Big Island when my dad comes over next week (he and his wife are over for two weeks - we're all going to the Big Island for 3 days, then they're going to island hop - so fun!).

This afternoon - chatted with Laura R. (from Woods Hole) on the phone, talked about a proposal we're debating submitting, caught up on business, whined about bad scientists, it was good to catch up! Then drove down to Laura G's and we went to Home Depot. Bought some herbs and pots for my front porch, a stepladder for my lab and she bought some anti-cockroach materials (draft excluder tapes, not chemicals). Then off to Waikiki, we had ice-cream in mind. I had a voucher for the Cold Stone Creamery, but after driving into Waikiki, I found I had left it at home. By this time our hearts were set on ice-cream so we went for it anyway. It was the Honolulu Century Ride today (112 miles - the ride that inspired part of the IronMan - alongside the Waikiki Rough Water Swim - 2.4miles - and the Honolulu Marathon - 26.2 miles) - so Kapiolani park was really busy, but we found parking and walked past a lot of tired looking cyclists. I had a Mint Oreo creation, it was very tasty, and we sat on a bench facing the ocean and caught up on gossip. After we decided to walk through Waikiki, it can be quite fun just people watching, and Laura wanted to find a present for her sister. Well, we ended up at the Royal Hawaiian, also known as the Pink Palace - the oldest (and most expensive) hotel on Waikiki, and well, the bar was calling, so we sat down on the exclusive Patio and had a $10 Mai Tai (actually, not a bad price for Hawaii) and some fries. It was a gorgeous spot I have to say, I haven't been there before.

After drinkies we walked back through Waikiki (where a drunk had collapsed in the middle of the street and there were a gazzillion police cars, ambulance and fire trucks around) and back to the car. Dropped Laura off, came home, potted my herbs and am now watching Extreme House Makeover, one of my favorite programs. Dinner, not sure, still full on ice-cream and fries, so maybe i'll just go for a sandwich or english muffin and jam later. I need to vacuum, so will pull up stakes in a minute and do that.

Hope you've all had as relaxing and fun a sunday as me (or more so!).

Picture of the Day - The view from the Royal Hawaiian Patio Bar, Diamondhead Volcano.

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nicola said...

nice! i like knowing what you are up to! christmas crafting here, too.

well, stian's bday here. homemade cinammon buns, mexican food, and margaritas were involved. a lovely day!