Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Red Cross

I did my final training tonight to be a "Hotline Operator" for the Oahu chapter of the American Red Cross. What does this mean? Well, the Red Cross primarily deal with local emergencies, such as house fires, flooding etc. They go to the scene and help anyone who needs help - providing food, shelter, monetary help and counseling services too. Basically helping people get back onto their feet after a disaster and being there when needed. I would eventually like to get onto one of these teams that go into the field, but there are quite a few courses you have to take to get on one and i'd really like to get some experience in what kinds of calls the Red Cross respond to. 

Here in Hawaii one of the most needed volunteers are Hotline Operators. This means you're the one who takes the call from the emergency services and passes on the message to the relevant team to respond. So you're basically the point person. Here in Hawaii, where numbers of calls are relatively low, this means you're on call either day or night (not both) for a week at a time. The nice thing about this and my crazy schedule is that it fits around really well - I can say when i'm here in Hawaii and when i'm not, and I can be "on call" in the evenings, so around my work schedule. Here in Hawaii the average is 3 calls a week, so really not a big time sink. 

The Red Cross are always looking for volunteers, are in every community and have a variety of things you can do that can fit every schedule (from once a year to once a week!). Take a look at your local chapter to see what's going on in your area, you'll be helping people in your community as well as doing something very worth while. 

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bsa said...

Well done! Thanks for the motivation and working to help us all be better than we are...