Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the love of purple....

Why do we have favourite colours? Why are there colours that we naturally lean to and others we stay away from? Why do certain colours just make you happy? 

I don't know the answers, but I do know my colour. Purple. I'm not sure when I discovered purple, I know when I was little my colour was red (we're talking pre-school years) and I know when I was an undergrad my colour was definitely purple, but I can't actually remember when it became my colour. 

The biggest thing I love about purple, is it's a colour people tend to be passionate about. We're purple people and have a certain solidarity. Quite a few of my friends are purple people too. It's a weird thing, but there really is something about the love of purple. 

My happy feet! After two failed attempts Jenny and I managed to get our pedicures today! It was Hannah's first time in the spa too, she was a champ! Jenny's colour - pink, me - purple! A new purple too, I usually go for shinier and sparkly, but this pastel I think is calming for my now calm feet. After taking so much abuse over the last few months, my little feet loved the pampering! 

In a way it's nice that Hawaii's post is so slow, means my birthday presents get spread out and my birthday lasts even longer! I had a few fabulous purple items in the post this week - an ice cream maker (yum!) and a knife from another purple person Laura, and a lovely drawing from Lala! 

I could take photos of most of my house and show purple things I love. This is a special one to me, Marcy B. made me this nearly seven years ago (has it really been that long!), a little lap quilt, and my favorite snuggle in front of the TV blanket. 

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nicola said...

LOVE the toes!
and wish i could quilt like that! (or at all!)