Friday, June 5, 2009


What a week - but it's friday and it's over! So here's the sum up - 
On Monday I had/thought - 
- 2 proposals to go in by friday
- only had salary until January
- been offered 2 months salary to teach undergrads but was potentially taken away
- to meet with the Dean to talk about my future

As of Today - 
- 2 proposals in (one at 4pm today!)
- had a great meeting with the dean who said "we'll figure this situation out" repeatedly
- have salary through Sept 2010 if I come down to 75% pay (which I am probably going to do, sucks, but if it's a way to get the work visa extended and a job, then I guess it's the way to go for a while)
- have a new (2nd hand serviced) microtome, a 20th century one that plugs in! 
- Still not sure on the teaching $$s, that should be resolved by next week - but now they've calculated my salary and been a little creative to get it to Sept, i'm not feeling the urgent need to teach undergrads so much - it would be fun, but now I don't feel I need it quite as badly as I did. 

Today was a great day! Submitted the final proposal, started writing a paper, had a hair cut, G&T and pizza with Jenny and Doug and even had little hannah fall asleep on my shoulder. Back home in time to pack for tomorrow and maybe even an early night! Even if it started more than a little stressed out, what a great day! 

Happy Weekend! 

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