Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still Alive!

I finished! 

 - 2hrs and 44 minutes, 633rd of 919 1/2 marathon runners!

No world records here, but I'm proud of that for my first ever race, and the fact I only started running 2 months ago. And it gives me something to beat next year.....:0) The only goal I did not complete was running the last 2 miles. I ran the last mile, but that mile going up Diamondhead did me, and I walked up to the peak and then ran the downhill and across to Kapiolani park and the finish line. I crossed the line running and it was a great feeling. It was hot too 89F to finish there (someone running too fast for the heat was being carted off as I got in), good thing it started at 6am! I walked maybe a mile to a mile and a half in total, so i'm really happy with that. 

The first five miles were excellent, after that I had a stitch and cramps the whole way in (it kept changing sides) which was really a pest and I think caused by me being so nervous this morning more than anything else (my stomach was doing turns at 4am!). Miles 6-8 seemed the longest, mile 9 is where it really got tough. Having people around me helped me to pace, and I was really careful to start at the back of the pack so I wasn't tempted to go too fast too soon. It was tempting in the beginning I was being passed, about mile 2 though, I started passing so that was a boost. Mile 10 I started overtaking some of the people doing the 15K leg, now that made me feel good.....:0)

I also met an awesome lady at mile 8 who spurred me on. 65 years old, started running when she was 45 and has done 18 marathons and lost count of the 1/2 marathons. She's one of the trainers for Team in Training. We came in together in the end, but were back and forthing for a while. At mile 8 we chatted as we ran - which amazed me as I didn't think I could talk at that point! She was awesome and it picked me up talking to her, she was amazed I was doing a half marathon after only 2 months of training (or at least pretended to be to spur me on!). 

Now, i'm going to take a nap having had my legs on ice and a nice shower. Later my birthday celebrations happen in earnest, with a nice dinner at the Kona Brew Pub with friends! 

I don't have any photos, but here are a few taken before and after - 

Purple is of course my running colour. Self portrait (slightly skewed) at 4am, figured I'd better get one of me in my running kit. 

The nicest site! 

Looking back up the last leg. 


kmw said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment!!

damned_cat said...

COngratulations! I stumbled upon your blog when looking for pics of the HHM on Google. Awesome time! My husband and I finished at 3:25 and were thrilled to still be able to walk. :)

How are you feeling today? Our muscles are SCREAMING at us!

RGW said...

Congratulations to you guys too! My legs are definitely stiff, ready for an easy day of sitting and elevators. Tempting to try and stay in bed today.......:0)

nicola said...

awesome, rhian!!!!

kmk said...

Great accomplishment! And I can't think of a better location to do your first big race!!