Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perfect Sunday

This morning started early with the 1/2 marathon, followed by a day of relaxing, snoozing and catching up with some movies, then dinner at the Kona Brew Pub with friends. Just got back and after 2 beers, i'm ready to crash. What a great sunday! 

I was given the two lei's above to celebrate my birthday, they're so beautiful, I love the way lei's smell too, they make my whole apartment fragrant (which counteracts the running shorts smell!). Lei's are traditional Hawaiian garlands, given to say Aloha (welcome) to visitors and to people returning home, but also in celebrations of birthdays, weddings, graduations and many other occasions. Far from being an item just for tourists, lei's are a large part of Hawaiian culture and are very artistic too. 

Among others, Jenny, Doug and Hannah came to the pub for dinner and I got some snuggle time. I was telling her all about the 1/2 marathon, but my pace was obviously too slow for her. 

And although not here, Adam and Melissa sent me this photo of Elise on Cape Cod today - isn't she a sweety! Wearing one of my tie-dye creations.

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nicola said...

i just told someone else that i am in a "no more kids" mood, but those photos...i am swaying again!
i love leis, too. mmmmmm.