Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, it's really happening. Picked up my race packet today and have my number - 650 (at least with a number like that there is no pretense I might be near the front!). So I thought it is good time to put out my goals for my first race.

1 - To finish
2 - To come in around 3hrs
3 - To run more than I walk
4 - To run the last 2 miles and cross the finish line running
5 - To have fun, to feel fit and to feel accomplishment
6 - To finish still wanting to do a half marathon each year

There we are. As a reminder I am doing this to get myself more motivated to stay fit and to stay healthy. As part of this training I have now lost 10lbs, I still have a few more to go before I feel like I will be at my best (as well as some toning!), but I can get back to weight loss after this race is over. I feel fitter, I feel healthier than before I started this training, and I think I have finally come to an understanding with running - am I totally hooked? No, but I like the results I have had and will keep up with it to continue to see those results. I now feel like I "can" run, and don't feel like so much of a fool when out for a jog (and it took way less time to get to that point than I thought!). 

I am also doing this to raise a little cash for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on behalf of Mollie King. My little friend Mollie has spent almost a year receiving treatment for pre-B cell lymphoblastic leukemia and no 5 yr old should ever have to go through the things she has been going through. Mollie's strength and courage throughout her treatment is an inspiration to all, as are her amazing parents Sarah and Matt. This race is being organized by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and so all profits from race entry fees will be headed in that direction. On top of this I also have a sponsorship page -  thanks to all who have sponsored me for this race (listed on the page), your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

If you haven't donated this year, think about donating to the LLS either by sponsoring someone at an event, and/or by donating blood regularly if you are able. 

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nicola said...

i am glad you posted the link again. i could not remember if i had sponsored you or not yet and i am one of the people who said you should set this up, so i find it pathetic i have not done so. off to do it...