Monday, November 2, 2009

Great White bitten in half by another Great White

I'm sorry for those with delicate tendencies, but I just had to post this, this is not a photoshop photo. A friend posted the story on Facebook this morning and i've been in awe all day about it. May even add this photo into my "Vertebrates" lecture.....

The above is a ten foot Great White, caught in a a "Drum Line" in Australia - this is a baited line which is designed to attract larger sharks away from swimming beaches and at this beach is used in conjunction with nets (these drum lines are designed to have less impact than nets as they only catch sharks rather than anything that swims into it - baby whales in this case - and so are starting to be used on their own without nets). The photo is of it being brought in on the drum line, and it was apparently still alive at this time, suggesting it had only just been chomped on (and the fact the rest of it is still there suggests that too). They estimate the shark that took the bite is probably around 20ft and another Great White. Carnivore eat Carnivore. Yikes!

For the full story, click the title.

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LSULiv said...

Oh my-- definitely looks like a Spielberg creation!