Monday, November 30, 2009

A new blog

I've been thinking for a while I wanted a different place to put all my recipes for food, soaps and other homemade goodies. So over the weekend I started a new blog - Home Made Haole - where I will put all recipes and instructions and will link to there when I make something.

I was trying to find my recipe for mincemeat that spurred me on to put all these things in one place rather than spread out through my blog. I use this blog as a way to keep up with family and friends and as a journal for me rather than something I overly want the world to look at (though it is obviously an open blog because I can't deal with the privacy settings needed to make it specific). I just have so many pages now that i'm having a hard time finding recipes I want to repeat and I also wanted somewhere to record my good soaps, so I can turn to them again and again. I'm not going to write any personal things on there, and where I would usually write a recipe down here i'm just going to put there instead and link to it in a post from here, so it's really just another page and hopefully will keep me more organized!


Cherry B said...

Haha-- what a cute title! (We thought about naming our little white fluff ball Haole ;) Happy blogging and creating!

Nicola said...

awesome, rhian! i am excited. you are one of the most creative, crafty, inspiring people i know! and GOOD at everything.