Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

A weekend of ups and downs. I was invited over to a colleagues house for Thanksgiving dinner and cooked a turkey for the occasion (he has a slightly "weird" version of Thanksgiving dinner, last year, with no turkey, so all were happy at the suggestion I bring turkey). It was fun, a mentor of mine from the UK is over and we had a fabulous time catching up and drinking wine.

Friday I worked most of the day, and the same for today. Friday I even got a short (4 mile) run in. Good intentions today, but no. My running has dropped off and I don't feel good about it. Last week I've been both manically busy and the weather totally sucked (think really wet and really windy).

Today hasn't been a happy day (not an unhappy day, but not overtly happy). The long story, I haven't worn deodorant since Canada, Thanksgiving what did I decide to do? Well, wear deodorant (Toms of Maine Sensitive if anyone is interested). Now, last night I noticed I have another abscess lump in my armpit (my other armpit). Small and I am so far totally on top of it, but man this sucks. I hope this passes quickly. Will I ever be able to wear deodorant again? Tomorrow marks 2 weeks until the marathon, and I really could use getting a few long runs in before then. I spent the day baking to make myself feel better.

Tomorrow promises to be more fun. A BBQ on the beach in celebration of Doug's birthday. My fridge is stuffed to the gills in anticipation.

My packed fridge. It literally NEVER looks like this on it's own...

Coconut macaroons, yummy!

And the annual mincemeat bake-off. Many hours later I now have 5 jars of yummy mincemeat.


bsa said...

Your mincemeat and macaroons look wonderful! And I am not even hungry! I never had anyone offer to bring a turkey to my house--how very special you are. I hope your abcess is better--just skip deoderant forever. It's not worth the pain it is causing.

Cherry B said...

How delicious!! What's the deal with the deo-- something beyond allergies? Eesh! Hope all improves. If not, visit DC and realize all Hawaii has to remind you to be thankful for ;)

Nicola said...

oh, shit, rhian. i am with my mom. stop the deodorant. try a dusting of baking soda or corn starch instead.
the food you made looks awesome. wish i could have come!
wishing you a week of no abcesses, lots of running, and no stress!