Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soggy Weekend

We have a lot of storms this weekend, very wet and windy and there are apparently some flood warnings out there too. Today I have a bunch of things I need to do at work and I need to go over to Coconut Island to collect some equipment, so decided I would run my long run yesterday morning. Originally my long runs were always on Saturday, but with teaching twice on Friday, then a TA meeting, to be honest i've been too knackered on Friday to contemplate getting up early on Saturday. And if yesterday was anything to go by I should probably stick to that.

I did wake up at 5am, but I did also roll back over. I re-woke at 6.30am and decided I should probably get something to drink and eat in me and try and get out the door. Anything over a 5 mile and I should eat something (I get hungry on AM runs), and yesterday was 14 miles. I pulled out a pack of raisins and some Hammer drink and went back to bed (bad move) and sat on my computer for a while. By 7am I decided I really did have to do it. So I dragged my butt out of bed and headed down to Diamondhead to run. I won't bore you with the details, but it was sluggish and I was lazy, but I did do the 14. At mile 8 (the turn around point to run back) it also decided to tropical storm on me. No cover, no nothing, so I just slogged through. This has made me certain I do not like running in the rain. My soggy shoes alone i'm sure weighed an extra pound each, and I had a guy laugh at me as I crossed back over Diamondhead because one shoe was squelching badly.

I did debate trying to redo the 14 this evening (last week I knocked 15 minutes off my 1/2 marathon time, yesterday I gained 3 minutes), but I've woken up with a cricked neck (with the bad weather I haven't been sleeping so well - my walls are paper thin, so when the storms roll in it's really noisy) so know that isn't going to happen. Maybe if it dries out i'll go for a walk or a swim later.

That said I have a butt load of work to do today, so should probably get out of bed......

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Cherry B said...

Bummer! Wish the weather had cooperated with you more often. And I kinda wanted to slug the guy who laughed at your shoes. But glad you still have lovely scenery running through paradise and that your time is improving :)