Sunday, November 1, 2009

A super sunday!

A super sunday indeed! This morning Laura, Jenny, baby Hannah and I went for brunch at the Kahala Hotel. A very fancy hotel outside Honolulu on the other side of Diamondhead. Not far away, but seemed a world away. The brunch was wonderful, the company wonderful and the setting wonderful and relaxing, just what the doctor ordered before a week with a whole lot of crazy happening.

I then headed into work, did a few work things then unpacked more of my office, put up some posters. It's looking better, less like a mess. I mostly figured out plugging in all my hard drives. Mostly. Way too many wires.

And then this evening I went for a 3 mile run. Nice and slow. And in yet another pair of new shoes. I went and got another pair yesterday (I still hope to return my others, just haven't managed to get to that store), I couldn't find the same ones i had before, so was convinced into some Nike Structure Triax. They had me run on the treadmill in my old shoes, my new ouchy shoes, and these Nikes. They really feel like my old ones, just more squishy. I went slow on this run (my shins and hips are still sore) and they were wonderful - my knees didn't hurt at all, and though my shins are sore, they didn't cripple me and are on the mend, this run in these newer shoes didn't make them any worse - and WAY better than the Asics. Phew!

This is the beachfront at the Kahala Hotel. The breakfast brunch is right on the beach. Not the cheapest breakfast, but about the same as a dinner out and I love brunch. It was so relaxing and wonderful to catch up with both Laura and Jenny (and Hannah of course!).

After breakfast we found shady spot on the grass and sat to digest and watch Hannah show us her latest trick - crawling! Yup, just about seven months to the day and she's a crawler. FAST too! Watch out Barkley and Goofey!

Jenny says she's also figured out how to fling things too. Here she demonstrates with her's so much fun to watch mom and dad go fetch.....:0)

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nicola@which name? said...

look how big both hannah and lucy are. so cute!
how is the move going today?