Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Younger days

I'd asked my parents to look through some old photos of me back in the UK, looking for some photos of me looking like a marine biologist as a kid I could throw into my undergrad lectures. Unfortunately I didn't get quite what I was looking for, but I thought I would share some of the ones my Dad sent me that I love. I enjoy looking through old photos, trying to remember times and places and what we did as kids. I don't have many (any?) from when I was little and lived in Saudi Arabia or the adventures we had, but I would like go through a digitize some when i'm next in the UK. The world of digital media has really changed how we look at photos, though I know there are purists, I love that we can share photos so much easier than in the past.

Me and my older brother Grant at Western Super Mare in the UK. I don't know how old I was or when this was, but our house in the UK from before and when we lived in Saudi Arabia wasn't far from this beach. This is definitely after we moved to Saudi, as we moved when I was 2 and i'm pretty sure i'm older than that in this photo. My main memories of Western Super Mare were the donkeys that would give rides on the beach. I don't remember them pulling carriages, but as there is one over my shoulder in this picture they must have!

This one if from a holiday to Bali. I "think" I was around 12 when we went. From top - Grant, Me, Adam, Dad & Sophie. I loved this holiday and still remember pieces of it. The biggest thing I remember is the long and shallow coral reefs. That and cutting my knee on some coral I got a little too close too (and I still have the scar!).

This picture is where my memory goes awry. My dad tells me it's from Florida. I've always had in my head it was from a trip from New York to Buffalo, but I being somewhat young defer to my dad's memory (and what we would be doing in a swimming pool in New York I have no idea). It might have been from that trip though - we went from New York to Buffalo and saw Niagra Falls, then memory fades, but somehow we ended up in Florida and I had my tenth birthday in Disney Land, in the Princess castle (considering how un-princess I am now it's rather ironic) and we ate cake for breakfast (which is not all that ironic now).

This one is from Saudi. I remember that the green bike in the back is my older brothers, and I had a red one just like it. I can't remember which compound this was but know it wasn't Airport Villa's where we spent the most time. All the compounds there had a central swimming pool, where we spent a lot of time being water babies. I'm probably around 5 or 6 in this photo.


nicola@which name? said...

oh, rhian! these are so sweet! i love them. did you just scan and save them as photo files?

RGW said...

My dad scanned them in and emailed them to me.

Cherry B said...

OMG LOVE these! They are so cute! Thanks for posting the old school stuff and taking time to reflect :)

bsa said...

What wonderful photos! I love the one of you caught in mid-air as you fling yourself into the pool!