Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bathroom Update

Copper flashing in the shower pan. New plumbing, drain, framing of the shower, cement-board floor. It looks like it's going to be really nice. Plus when your sitting on the loo (bottom left hole), it's not going to be quite so cramped, which is also going to be nice. 

The other side of the small bathroom. There used to be a vanity here all along the right wall. I'm hoping they'll just replace it with another long vanity, I did like having a really long counter to store things on. New plumbing (black pipe) has been put in here. 

And on the ceiling. It looks like my giant globe light is being replaced by several smaller lights, which will be nice (though I shall miss the spaceship). I think they may even be putting one in the shower stall, which will be nice. it got to the point of peeing in the garden last night......I hope there's a toilet in there when I return from sea.....even better....a shower too! 

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