Saturday, June 28, 2008

My day and the days to come

Today - What a fabulous day all around. This morning was an early one, up at 5.30am to do some things before heading out, going to Jenny and Dougs at 7.30am for a yummy FREE breakfast of mangoes, lychees and apple bananas. Out at 8.30am and drive over to Kailua and we picked up a one man (or woman I should say as it was woman size!) and a double outrigger canoe. If you've never seen these they have an arm (ama) and are really thin and long, but also really light (fiberglass). They are also really expensive so nowhere rents them, this was a store that has "trial" canoes and also know Doug who does a lot of the races here. We had a fabulous time, it was so much fun. Despite turning over 3 times in 30 minutes, in the end I got the hang of it and absolutely loved it. The good bit was that I got to try the double too and that was a lot of fun. Of course now i'm in love with a $3K canoe (they hold their price so even 2nd hand are ~$2800) really was soooooo much fun......and a good dose of well needed exercise.....

In other good things today, I finally booked flights to Italy, and the best bit, Stian is going to come along too. Yay! Things are always more fun when he's around. I have around 3 days of work, and in total we have 11 days there, so i'm sure we'll find some trouble to get up to in Italiano....:0) I also accumulated all my piles into one large pile in my living room today too. I hoped to pack tonight, but I don't have enough energy. So congrats on all who said sunday, because it's going to be true, pack the morning before I leave.....typical huh.....:0)

Tomorrow - Tomorrow I head out, starting off to Dallas, then through to Santiago and on to Punta Arenas. I'll get there on tuesday. Ug. 

The days after - So the cruise doesn't leave until the 10th, but i'm going down early to spend a little time with Stian before the next cruise. I think in total he gets 3 days off, which will be fabulous. It'll be so nice to spend some time with him without being on a boat, which is the only way i've seen him so far this year, and it's now practically July. Sigh. On the good side though he's coming to Italy...:0)

So this cruise is another PIs cruise and will go to the Western Antarctic Peninsula. In fact we'll go to exactly the same places as the cruise in february, just taking a look at what's going on during the winter, which will be pretty neat. What do those corals get up to when the surface is all iced up?? As a reproductive biologist of course I hope it's one big orgy under there.....:0)

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