Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Another of my Hawaii traffic posts. Though I don't feel like i'm complaining needlessly. Last week a study of the nations worst traffic areas came out, overall Hawaii was 38th of 100 cites, yet if you are driving in Honolulu on a thursday between 5-6pm, apparently you experiencing the worst traffic in the states. Honolulu in fact has two of the 100 worst bottleneck areas in the country. Ish.

1- LA
2 - New York
3 - Chicago
4 - DC
5 - Dallas
6 - San Fran
7 - Houston
8 - Boston
9 - Seattle
10 - Atlanta

But on the good side - those higher gas prices might be working. This morning on the news - the Hawaii bus system (which apparently has the 4th highest usage in the nation and is GREAT) has 10,000 more riders than a year ago, the amount of gas bought in the last month has dropped and the EPA has just started a huge program to retrofit diesel vehicles to reduce emissions. People are trying to convince Mercedes to sell the Smart Car in Hawaii too when they hit the states later this year........this would be the perfect place for long as they came with surf board racks.....:0)

Pretty cool huh. 

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