Monday, June 16, 2008

A walk in the rain....

....quite literally. Decided to get a little exercise and air and go for a short walk, it absolutely poured it down mid way. It's warm rain, so not terrible, but it was a real soaking rain, just had to change! I've realised I feel really silly walking without a dog/child/friend too....I miss Riley, he was always up for a walk....:0(

I did get two parcels today when I came home though - one had a great moose picture in (thanks!) and the other had a drawing and CD of photos from Jack in. That made me smile big time. Thought i'd share two of them........I haven't seen Jack for nearly 2 years, he's grown so big, I love seeing the pix of him wearing some of the little parcels I send out (guess which), and the drawing is up on the fridge already! 

Hope to see you soon Jack, I miss you!

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