Saturday, April 25, 2009

6 Weeks to go.....

Gulp. 6 weeks till the half marathon. Time flew. Not to mention my "training" went out the window. I actually put on 4lbs while in the UK. 4lbs. In 2 weeks. I was hoping the scales lied, but alas no. I've also only done one short run since I got back on monday. That is NOT good.....

So i'm back at it, taking it way more seriously and need to get cracking. I found a good training program online, the only issue is it's for a 12 week training program, so i'm having to skip a few weeks. Ug. Hope my pre-UK training will kick in. So here's my schedule for next week, written down forever on the internet so I can't skimp out on it. 

Saturday (today) - 40 min swim, 2 mile run
Sunday - 6 mile run
Monday - rest and stretch
Tuesday - 4 mile run
Wednesday - 2 mile run
Thursday - 4 mile run
Friday - rest day (or easy run)

I'm not sure what the friday one really means. I don't find any running easy. Is there really such a thing as an easy run?? This actually fits in with me wanting to walk to work 3 times a week (yeah, I want to pick that one back up), as i'll do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the "easy days". 

And as for running being a free sport, don't kid yourselves. Today i'm going to go and buy a pair of shorts to run in. I've been running in long joggers, and it's just getting too hot, so it's time. I also want to look at running shoes, but know those will cost a pretty penny, so am hoping to hold out in my trail-runners. I'm just worried they're not doing good things for my feet or shins. There's supposed to be a store here that is really good (Running Room) and will assess your shoes and running gait for free. A few people have told me they're good enough that if there is nothing wrong with the shoes your in, they'll send you away. So thats what i'm hoping. That said if they could sell me a pair of shoes that would actually make me be able to run for 13 miles maybe it'd be worth it.....:0)


nicola said...

GOOD FOR YOU! you can do it!
liz runs and swears by saucony brand. she says the basic $40 pairs have been just as good for her as the $90 pairs. and....did i miss a sponsor link somewhere? you are fund raising right? i would like to contribute.

RGW said...

I saw that brand today, hadn't heard of it before. I did try a pair on but ended up going for a pair of Adidas (mid-range) that are good for pronation, and I wore them today and they are really comfortable! I still feel a little exposed running in shorts, but man, it was so much cooler!

The race entry fees are all going towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, so i'm not fundraising per say, though I few people have asked so maybe I should?

PleaseRecycle said...

Go RGW! You can do it!

For what it's worth, Matt and I have both seen sports medicine docs who said that fancy shoes don't matter, it's more important to make sure you replace them after you get X number of miles on them (can't remember the number...).

Mollie did a 3 mile hike today in 90 degree heat while wearing a dress!! We're trying to build up her strength and stamina, but we still have to coax her through a lot of it.

And I love those recycled wine bottle glasses... did you make those yourself?

RGW said...

Yay for summer sunday hiking! I didn't make the glasses, but bought them from a store in the UK a few years ago, just down the road from my dad. I found the instructions a year or so ago though and have been dying to try it!

The were pretty good and brought out a bunch of shoes to try of all prices (even some last year models that were cheaper, but just as good) and did say it was more about the miles than years. The one thing they did tell me is I pronate, so stability shoes or insoles would be a good idea. My next post goes in more on the shoes....

nicola said...

you should, rhian. i don't know how you do it, but i know it is possible, because we have supported mike's cousin with donations to the LLS on several of her runs.
we would contribute.