Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting ready to go again....!

Yup, i'm off again, but just a short trip this time. Off to the UK to meet the little lady Lucy and to catch up with family I haven't seen in 2.5 years now. I'm just about packed and ready for the off, just have to wander to the office tomorrow morning to finish up a few things and i'm there. 

Had a good day today, was fun. It started with a lazy morning (no morning swim for me) and meeting LSULiv, my first meeting with a "blog buddy" and it was great (as well as some awesome breakfast - thanks so much for introducing me to Bogarts!). I then came home and finished packing while half watching a neflix, did the laundry I need to come with me and went for a run (in the rain.....why does it always rain when I run?). How is the running going, well, i'm not even close to ready for the half marathon yet, so it's a good thing it's not until mid June, and I may even be regretting signing up just a little, but i'm hoping it will come. I have a five mile route i'm doing right now, and i'm running probably over 3 miles of it straight, but that also means i'm walking 2 miles of it, which is not so great. My biggest aim is to be able to control my breathing and not be out of breath so much, I think this will really help my asthma in the long run too, so i'm keen to get a handle on it. When I get back from the UK I will go to one of the Running Room's (a local running store here) clinics, they actually have a "couch potato" sunday morning session that is supposed to be for complete beginners (as well as medium and expert sessions too), and they're free, so it would be good to take one, and fun to meet some more non-runners like me. 

I am looking forward to it really, just a little concerned i'm going to be bringing up the rear in the race....

And my final super thing today - I met little Hannah and caught up with Jenny which was awesome. She's so cute and Jenny looks fantastic too!


Jenny and Hannah entertaining me while Doug and Mary tiled the bathroom.....

She's so cute! 
And so small! 

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nicola said...

so small and floppy. so cute. and jenny does look great!