Friday, April 24, 2009

Felted Friday!

I came home last night to a parcel (and we all know how much I love parcels!) and look what was inside - felted coasters made from an old sweater by NEA! Awesome, I love them, thank you so much! I think they go perfectly with my recycled wine bottle glasses and a good Gin and Tonic.....:0) 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

ps.......instructions on how to make your own wine bottle glasses here!


nicola said...

i am glad you like them and THANKS for the tutorial link! now, see, i just saw some of these on a an earth day give-away and it never occurred to me to look online for a how to on making my own. wouldn't you know we have basically given up drinking and have no wine bottles? no trubs...i know a few sources!

bsa said...

Welcome home Rhian! I am just back from NY and catchingup on blogs. Seems to me I just saw a photo of those very same coasters on NEA's blog...and now here they appear again!