Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Images of Devon, UK

Exeter Cathedral
Tractor rollers in the fields behind mum's house.

Looking over the river Taw

So many pheasants around this time of year, here's a male guarding his females..

West Buckland School, where i went to school for five years after returning from Saudi Arabia

Male pheasant in a hedgerow
Little Meg, she's 18 this year, and surprisingly spry!

And a MRSA plate. Yup, from a family of biologists I get to see some pretty cool things, this is at the microbiology lab where mum works. This green bug is the scurge of many hospitals these days, and is the reason we should all be careful with antibiotic usage - whether it's a needed course from the doctor, or that tube of Neosporin, please use with care....

And a good dye sink.....when mine in my lab looks like this, i'll  be a happy histologist....:0)


LSULiv said...

Your school looks lovely! And perhaps a bit Hogwarts-ish :)

nicola said...

the MRSA plate is fascinating to me, as i just had a bout of it, a decent sized lesion on the back of my head and a small one on my forehead. (bummer of a scar, too.) both my parents had it at the same time. all three of us were EXTREMELY careful of cleanliness, limiting transmission, etc etc. it is a nasty little bugger.

RGW said...

My school has a hall in it called the Karslake hall, with big long wooden benches in 4 rows (one for each house) and a platform at the head where one long teachers bench is. Hogwarts hall could have been ours, I even had to check the credits at the end of the film just in case!

Wow NEA - ouch! MRSA is so nasty and so everywhere right now it's disturbing. A bug solely created by the misuse of antibiotics (and all these antibacterial washes and soaps) is a scary thing.......