Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucy Abigail

Spent the morning with Grant, Claire and Lucy in Portsmouth! Was great to finally meet her, she's got amazing blue eyes, now she's 2 months old I wonder if they will stay, so pretty! I'm now down in Cornwall, but get to spend another 4 days back in Portsmouth at the end of my trip, can't wait to spend some more time there! 

A little smile. She was mesmerized by the camera, which I very unashamedly kept putting in her face......:0)

Finally meets her crazy aunty. Doesn't she looked thrilled to meet me.....:0)

So thrilled she dropped right off to sleep in my arms. Once put down it took her less than a minute to get that thumb in cute! 

Proud papa. I somehow didn't manage to get one of Claire with her, so thats for when I come back! 

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nicola said...

i agree about those gorgeous eyes. adorable photo of you two. and ohhhhh on the one of her sleeping. cutie!