Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the UK

Arrived all safe and sound if a little travel worn. Three flights in a row is always a killer, 5hr, 6hr and then the 7hr (which actually turned out shorter - must have been near 6.5 instead as we arrived early). Had a minor panic in Honolulu airport when I realised my iphone was no longer in my pocket - it had fallen out in my car on the way there, so Les was awesome and came and drove back to the airport with it (he'd made it all the way back to the university too!). 

Otherwise pretty uneventful, late into Boston so only got 30mins there, no time for a shower which was a pain, then early into Heathrow and all of 15 minutes through customs and baggage and ended up arriving at the same time my brother arrived to pick me up, so it couldn't have worked out better! Just finished a nice cup of tea with Grant and Claire, took a shower and now am trying to convince my body it's nightime rather than early morning. Hopefully i'll succeed sometime soon..........looking forward to meeting Lucy in the morning, then it's off to Dad's for 3 days of farm fun! 

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LSULiv said...

Sounds lovely! Enjoy your trip!