Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Friday

This week has been full of family, but today is really going to be a family friday - I'm back at Grant and Claire's and we have our little brother Adam and his son Jack around until tomorrow, mum is coming for the day as is our Auntie Pam, so a full day ahead (and i'm still in my sleeping bag)! Adam and Jack arrived last night and we all had a wonderfully yummy take out curry....mmmmmm

Happy weekend everyone! 

A very relaxed baby in daddy's arms......

Jack helps his cousin to see the toys on her bouncy chair. 

Very cute! Jack can be a little rough (to put it mildly!), but it was so sweet, wherever Lucy was, whether in her chair or on a lap, he kept leaning over to give her kisses throughout the night, so sweet. Yet was very shy to give her one on camera!

Uncle Adam meets his little niece...

Auntie Claire helps Jack out on the computer....

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