Monday, April 6, 2009

My little baby....

Rather typical this happened today, when i'm off to the airport in about an of my baby corals (Baby Hickey) has started to build a skeleton today! See the white ring in the center, that is calcium carbonate, the beginnings of the wee ones skeleton. This is something i've been trying to do since 2006 with these fellas, and considering what this particular guy went through (rough seas, CO2 leakage, shipping to Hawaii) i am amazed he's started to look so healthy, and excited that I might actually get to see the way these corals build skeletons. This is something not known for any deep-sea species (and many shallow ones too), yet so important for understanding how they will cope with the changes happening in our oceans. 

So yes, i'm going to be getting on that plane with a beaming smile today.......MY little baby did good........:0)

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nicola said...

how cool! learning bits of marine bio from you regularly!