Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Clean

So far a day of baking and cleaning. I'm about to do a little work on a craft project and then head out for a short run around the park followed by a swim. Wearing my old running shoes I might add....:0)

Some french bread. I'm still on the lookout for the "perfect" breadmaker bread. This is the closest i've got, but it would be nice to have a good sandwich loaf that doesn't taste like it came out of a breadmaker - do you know what I mean?

The big part of the fall clean - the closet clean out. This is my only closest, but it's nice and large! The before (ish!)

And the after. The top shelf is all camping equipment, I didn't pull that out as i'd organized that recently. Next shelf down is cold weather clothes - the blue boxes have hats, gloves, thermal underwear etc. in. Then trousers and shorts; t-shirts; gym wear in one box, socks in another and then bedding and towels; craft box, shipping boxes (iron) and the bottom shelf is shoes.

Some sweaters and t-shirts went into the donation box. I thought I would do better with shoes, i'm only giving away one pair. Sigh. I like shoes, it just so happens that they are all hiking/running/sneakers and flip flops.....I do have my eye on another 2 pairs that can probably go once my next trip to Canada is done and dusted (Feb). My feet have been getting larger, so it's hard to tell what fits anymore and i'm just not in the mood to walk around in all of them. Last trip to Canada I ended up giving 2 pairs of shoes away there, but I also ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, because I had to have something to wear that I could stand in all day........

Shoes shoes shoes shoes.......:0)


nicola@which name? said...

the bread is beautiful and the closet looks great. the shoes....maybe you passed that on to bella?
you sound like you are feeling better.

RGW said...

Bella likes shoes? :0)

I am feeling better, thankyou. I think it must have been a tummy bug, wiped me out some. I didn't run or swim today (bad), instead I napped and then went to work. Oh well, good saturday though, amazing how less stressful it is to be in a clean house.