Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm moving office....

An excuse to start a post is not my favorite way to go, but I am - I am moving offices, so it's likely to be a few days before the sum up of my trip to the Big Island. This week has been more than a little crazy. Things have come back to bite me from a few weeks ago, i'm desperately trying to get ahead on writing these undergrad lectures (two (of the hard ones) totally down out of 13...), I am looking after my friends/landlords daughter Thurs - Mon (she's 15, so pretty independent, but needs driving to school, cooking for etc.) and now, i'm supposed to be moving offices.

The word came this morning, the previous occupants got their orders and were out of the office by 10am. I, however, am somewhat less organized. I swept up and moved a shelf around, but other than that haven't moved a single item. Ug. Tomorrow I have some extra hands to help out at 10am, which means I need to organize enough early tomorrow morning so they can help move the big stuff out for me.

So my apologies, it might be the weekend before I get the rest of the photos up or really talk about the trip, but that just means I get to look over all those photos again and remember the trip...:0)

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nicola@which name? said...

ugh. good luck. you sure could use a break. is your dad gone already?
just broke open the baby goat's milk and glycerin soap! thank you so much!