Monday, October 5, 2009


Why is it if something is going to go bad, it always HAS to happen on a Monday? What is it about Mondays? Today at work just sucked. Politics, and it turns out I might have spoken too soon with the work visa situation. As it's totally unresolved i'm not going to go into details right now - i'm okay, just maybe not as okay as I thought I was, and feeling somewhat screwed over - watch this space.

This evening was nice though, I bugged out of work at 3.30pm and went down into Waikiki to meet Dad and Sanchia. Picked them up from their hotel and headed into "the strip". Walked around, introduced them to Dukes, and then we headed up to Diamondhead Road to watch the surfers as the sunset. Then on to the Kona Brew pub for some dinner. Yum, and an extremely full belly! Now its only 9pm and i'm totally wiped out, didn't sleep well last night (HOT and sticky right now), so i'm hoping i'll just crash tonight.

Having a Mai Tai at Dukes. Don't even ask what dad was doing with the straw....

Watching the surfers at Diamondhead.

Two mongoose came out to entertain us.

Torches at the Kona brew pub. I love taking photos of these torches, occasionally you just get a really good shot. To qualify, I don't think this is a "really" good one, but it signifies a relaxing meal.


nicola said...

that's why i call them MOANdays.
yesterday was the domino day of disasters over here. yours looked redeemed by the end!

LSULiv said...

OH! How the photo of the surfers makes me miss those relaxing wave-crashing sounds and walks around the island!