Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off to see the LAVA!

Tomorrow i'm off to Volcano National Park on the Big Island for a long weekend with Dad and Sanchia - I can't wait!

It's a little bittersweeet, as I am so behind with work after last week, and I hoped to be much further forward with my undergrad lectures, but this has been planned for a while now, so i'm determined to put it behind me for the weekend, enjoy it and come back refreshed and ready to put in some long days and nights to get it done when I get back. There are still a lot of things going on at work that are unresolved, so i'm also feeling unsettled because of that too. One good thing did happen today, I finally got a check from my insurance company for Canada, not as much as I was hoping, but I guess it is what it is, going to the emergency room is just expensive, period. But it's something and it came faster than I thought it would, and right before this trip, so thats good....:0)

So tomorrow - the Big Island - my first trip there too! We're staying at some cabins inside the park, sounds pretty sweet! I'm just about packed and i'm so ready for bed - hope everyone has a good weekend, get ready for some LAVA photos on Monday!

Some photos from yesterday -

I met up with Dad and Sanchia for lunch (and a Mai Tai!) and we decided to drive over to Haleiwa. We grabbed a shave ice from Matsumotos on the way over and went to one of my favorite places on the island - Haleiwa Beach Park. This beach has never failed me yet for turtles, and yesterday was the most ever - six lying on the beach and dozens out in the shallows. Can you spot two in this photo?

They are just gorgeous. And have I mentioned recently I love my camera? The zoom is fantastic for photographing these guys without getting too close.

A large hibiscus tree in the park. I just love hibiscus.


kmw said...

Lance likes your turtle pics! D

nicola@which name? said...

love the turtle! stian asked bella the other day what a hawaiian flower necklace was called. instead of lei, she said "hibiscus!" not what he was looking for, but impressive, none the less.
have fun!