Thursday, October 1, 2009

A week in the Life - Thursday

Morning - Woke up at 6am, got my cup of tea and wrote a few work emails in bed. Hot pack, eye looking much better today! In work for 8.30am, morning coffee and answer some more proposal related questions, searched for a battery for a lab timer, couldn't find one. Meeting at 10am about my visa stuff cancelled until tomorrow, so wandered over to the bookstore to buy some batteries. Went by the SEM lab and popped into their open house - saw the coolest new microscope set up - microtweezers. They actually use a laser beam to move cells around, or cut cells out of slides. Really really cool. Took some sandwiches, pineapple and diet coke from their open house back to my office for lunch.

Afternoon - Had a long conversation about science ethics to a grad student today (the one who's other advisor is an ass...). I am not good at being a hard ass with students, but it needed to be done, eventually as a grad student you have to start making your own path and choices and not blindly following advisors. Nobody else is going to stick up for you in this game, so being collegial and easy to work with makes life so much more fun and easy. Worked on my undergrad lectures a little. After that went back to the open-house and watched the presentations, saw a colleague on the way back and we went for coffee and stood chatting about projects, ethics etc for a good hour. 4pm and a text from Jenny said pedicure time! Headed out of work early and met Jenny in Manoa for pedicures, little Hannah was as active as ever! Headed home via Safeway, had dinner (pizza and salad) and then headed to meet at Jenny and Doug's for a trip to Costco. The idea was to do it after Hannah was asleep but she refused and yelled the whole way there and the whole way back, she just doesn't like being confined! Back at home and an ice-cream bar and Grey's Anatomy. I have to read through a two page preproposal before bed, i'm working up to that. Need to wash out my eye again too, feels great but needs a new dressing.

Roll on friday!

Picture of the Day - a previously missing sock! I don't lose socks very often, in fact probably less than a half-dozen in my entire life, but when I do lose one, it's invariably a nice, expensive one. This fancy running sock has been missing since I dog sat for Jenny and Doug back in July and she just found it behind Hannah's crib! I've missed this pair.....welcome home sock!

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nicola said...

hi sock!
glad you are doing a bit better with the eye!
and on behalf of stian and my children who have comandeered them, thanks for those popsicle molds! actually, the funny thing is finnian can't figure out to squeeze them!